Vintage Sizing Guide

When shopping for vintage jeans, the sizes can often fluctuate! This is why we do not recommend comparing to your modern size. The most important areas to measure are the rise and the waist.

We recommend to measure your rise first, this will then tell you where the waist of the jeans will be. Once you have measured the rise, and you know exactly where the waist will sit, then you measure the waist size. Waist sizes will fluctuate greatly depending on the rise!

Always measure directly on the skin, and with a soft tape measure to get the most accurate fit

When we measure the waist, we measure in inches. If the waist measure 13.5’ across while laying flat, we multiply this number by two, which would give us a size 27 waist!

For example, jean size information will be communicated as follows:

Rise: 9 in’

Waist: 27 in’

Hip: 40’

Inseam: 32 in’


Sourced from: Fair Seasons. Denim fit guide, 2020.